Our Services.

Print Services

Digital, Offset and Letterpress

It’s quite simple. We are print professionals. We offer consistent, high quality, digital and offset printing and spectacular bespoke Letterpress services.

With our internal finishing equipment, and our network of great suppliers you’ll be astounded with our turnaround and service.

We’ll offer the best possible solution for anything complex and will aim to give you what you want, within your budget, delivered on time. And if you just need some flyers, we’ll do them today for you, well maybe tomorrow. But no later than that, we promise.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations not only in quality and cost but in offering nearly impossible time frames!

We are the most flexible, and one of the most innovative print producers around, and one of the friendliest and most realistic printers in Sydney (at least we like to think).

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Pre-Press Services

Finished Art, Colour & Image Management

After 25 years of checking other people’s designs, and finding something wrong either visually or technically with probably over 90% of them.

Then fixing them, so that when they go to press, be it Litho Offset, Web, Flexo, Gravure or even Letterpress, there are no surprises.

Send me your files via Dropbox and I’ll check them thoroughly, for quality and consistency.

Images: Colour modes, colour balance, maximum ink density and any profiles that may be required.
Colour: Consistent brand colours throughout. Correct colour breakdowns for specific Pantone colours or supplied samples or swatches for your chosen printing method.
Layout: Bleed and margins for specific binding methods. Knives and perforations etc
Mechanics: Spot colours, overprints and all sorts of hidden elements that can derail your job.

It’s always a good idea to get someone to look over your finished artwork before you spend thousands of dollars on a printing press, why not let an expert do it, we don’t miss a thing!