Letterpress Wedding Invites


letterpress wedding invite printing service by d-print

Luxury Wedding Invites

Wedding invites are a lot more than just simple notices of time & place. They build anticipation, set the tone and will almost certainly be kept as mementos.

D-Print is a luxury stationery printer in NSW, and using our original 1950 Heidelberg Letterpress machine, we can produce timeless & elegant wedding invites that look, and feel, exactly how you’ve always dreamed.

Offering both print & design services, we’re able to customise your wedding invites to your day’s style & theme.


letterpress printing is ideal for wedding invitations

Why Letterpress?

Unlike a digital printer, letterpress is a technique of relief printing – a direct impression from the printing plate onto a roll of paper. Because of this direct pressure, it’s possible to create many desired features such as indentations and embossing. This texture offers an elegant design quality perfect for wedding invitations and other luxury stationary.